Will eating bananas make you obese

Will eating bananas make you obese1

If you are overweight and if you eat bananas will you gain more weight?
if you are skinny and if you eat bananas will you gain weight ?

Let us see..

Many people believe that fat will be created in their body when they eat fat containing foods like meat, greasy oily food, eggs etc and fat will not be created if they eat fat-less foods like fruits.

Actually the truth is, when we eat any food, it is finally converted to fat by our bodies.
Eat a chicken piece, it will be converted to fat.
Eat an Orange, it will be converted to fat.
Eat a stone ( wait, you can’t eat a stone)

Will eating bananas make you obese2
Bulls do not eat oily fatty food , they mostly eat grass and yet they get fat.
Rhinos too eat plant based food, and they get fat too.

One reason is they eat a lot and rest most of the time.

The truth about our body is …
Too much intake than what is necessary by the body will be stored as fat.

So, at what time you eat the banana makes a lot of difference to gaining or not gaining weight.

Typically, many of us eat bananas after lunch or dinner.

You would have eaten a heavy lunch or dinner already and then you eat one or two bananas.

This is considered excess food by your body.
So it is converted into fat and stored. This happens with any excess food you take and not just banana.

So, if you consume bananas at the right time with the right quantity, it will not cause overweight.
In fact, it will help you lose weight or maintain the ideal weight. How is this possible.

Actually, when you don’t have anything for breakfast in your house like cereal, bread or anything
You can just eat 3 or 4 bananas. This will fill you up and you will not feel lethargic.

Will eating bananas make you obese3
Even if you are overweight, you can eat 4 bananas.
Eating 3 to 4 bananas is way much better than eating a cup of highly sweetened, high fructose corn syrupy cereal.

One banana generally has about 100 calories. One serving of the cereal along with the milk will be close to 300 calories and according to a consumer reports study generally everyone eats at-least 2 servings.

These 3 to 4 bananas can supply the same amount of calories as the cereal and provide the same amount of energy to our body.

Overweight people too can eat 4 bananas and will not put on weight.

By the way, Don’t think you can eat bananas after you eat your bowl of cereal. Nooooo. Your breakfast is just bananas. No sugary syrapy Cereal.

If you are skinny and want to add weight(lucky you), you can eat bananas after a heavy meal.

If you want to lose weight, you can just eat 4 to 5 bananas for dinner around 5:30 or 6:00pm.

The 400-500 calories will be spent before bedtime and when you sleep, the body extracts calories from the stored fat. This will help you lose weight. if you get hungry , you can drink honey-lemon water.

Take a glass of water and mix 4-5 spoons of honey and squeeze half of a fresh lemon.
We will talk about how amazing honey is in the coming weeks.

Most of us don’t eat bananas regularly , we eat them occasionally. Once we eat them and if we notice any weight gain, we blame the bananas as that is the new food we are eating extra.

You assume that the old food we were eating does not cause weight gain.

The real problem was you ate 100-200 calories more from the one or two bananas along with your food and this excess was stacked away as fat by your body.

so gaining weight or not gaining weight depends on WHEN you eat the bananas.

Happy Banana-ing!.